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Trụ sở chính 22-2 Nishi-Shinjuku 1-Chome, Shinjuku-ku, 160-0023, Tokyo, Nhật Bản
Thành lập Ngày 15 tháng 5 năm 1938
Vốn 3,416,540,000 Yên
Công ty con 5 Công ty – Toàn vốn đầu tư của Hokuetsu
Website http://www.airman.co.jp/
1938 Established; began manufacture and sales of stationary-type compressor. Capitalized at ¥15,000.
1946 Switched from military to civilian demand with the development of a compact, portable, high-speed reciprocating-type compressor.
1948 Exported a large stationary-type compressor to Korea, the company’s first export.
1950 Delivered 200 portable compressors to the US Far East Army. Recognized its performance on a par with American /European models.
1952 Began to use the brand name AIRMAN
1955 Completed the first Japan-made rotary compressor for use in the construction of Japan’s largest dam project.
1957 Embarked on a 3-year facility rationalization program designed to support volume production. Capital increased to \6 million.
1960 Osaka branch established. Capital doubled to \12 million.
1962 Rapid surge in demand prompted the launch of a 4-year facility rationalization program. Capital raised to \45.88 million.
1965 The 4-year rationalization program completed, and the word largest compressor production plant (complete with 200m assembly line) began operations. Began technology exports to India. Recognized as a company contributing to Japanese exports.
1966 Signed technical collaboration agreement with the Republic of South Africa. Started operations at a knock-down factory.
1967 An AIRMAN compressor was used in the Antarctic Explore Ship “Fuji” by the Japan Antarctic Observation Team. Capital raised to \100 million.
1979 Capital increased to \630 million.
1980 Yoshida plant began operation. The company was listed on the Niigata Stock Exchange Market (October 29).
1981 Named as Marginable Stocks by the Niigata Stock Exchange. Began marketing new mini- excavator. Capital increased to \1.1 billion.
1982 The Screw Compressor PDS series won the Energy Conservation Machinery Award at Japan Machinery Industries Federation.
1983 Won FA Award and named among the One Hundred Best Advanced Production Sites Nationwide by Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper.
1987 Won an award from the Ministry of Labor in recognition of factory safety.
1988 Online systems introduced throughout the company to integrate order inflow, production and delivery data. Celebrated its 50th anniversary.
1990 Awarded the Niigata Economic Promotion Award. The Yoshida plant expanded and focused on compressors and generators, while the Bunsui plant became a dedicated mini-excavator factory.
1991 Established Hokuetsu Industries Europe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
1992 Completed the mini-excavator AX series.
1994 Won ISO 9001 certification.
1997 Signed technical assistance agreement with the People’s Republic of China.
1999 Signed technical assistance agreement with ATMOS, Czech for European market.
2000 The Oil-less compressor SAW series was awarded “Excellent Energy Saving Machine Prize” from Japan Machinery Industries Federation. Listed on the Second Division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2001 “Presidential Citation Award” was awarded by International VE Society for Hokuetsu’s outstanding TCR activities. Established “FOUNDRY INC.”
2003 Established “EN SYSTEM CO., LTD.”
as joint venture with Fusheng Industrial (Taiwan).
2005 Certificated of ASME authorization “U” and “UM” stamp. Awarded ISO14001. Certificated of GOST authorization.
2006 Began to sell Scissors Lifter.
2008 Celebrated its 70th anniversary.
2009 Launched Energy Saving Screw Compressor “PROAIR Series”
2010 Oil-Fenced power generator was listed in “New Technology Information System” (NETIS) by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism.
2011 At first in the world, launched Energy-Saving and Variable-Speed Diesel Power Generator, VSG.
2012 Awarded “Good Green Spaces Factory Prize” by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2013 Established “HOKUETSU INDUSTRIES ASIA SDN.BHD.” in Selangor, Malaysia
2014 Listed on the First Division of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
“HOKUETSU INDUSTRIES ASIA SDN.BHD.” had changed its name to “AIRMAN ASIA SDN.BHD.” The number of shares to constitute one unit share had been changed to 100 shares.
Established “AIRMAN USA Corporation” in Georgia, the United States.

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