AIRMAN indoor  screw compressor

Model series : SAS/SASG/SWS/SAD/SWD

Máy nén khí AIRMAN 37kW -áy nén khi airman -áy nén khí airman -áy nén khí airman -

  • The leader about technical specification of air volume with others.
  • AIRMAN compressor operates at ambient temperature up to  Max.50oC with standard specification (The other brands are Max. 45oC).
  • Uses the high quality materials to make the high quality products. The production lines are controlled by Number control system for avoiding any mistake in production.
  • Smart design to offer the compressor can be install in narrow space.
  • Keep continous operate when power shut-down within 2 seconds, auto start within 30 seconds funtions are extremly useful to avoid pressure drop when power source has trouble.

AIRMAN outdoor stationary compressor (SMS/SMAD)

Máy nén khí airman ngoài trời -áy nén khí airman ngoài trời -áy nén khí airman inverter ngoài trời -

  • Available to be installed out door, harsh working environment: cold weather, rain, dust and direct sunshine.
  • Addopted ambient temperature Max. 50oC (Max.45oC is applied for others).
  • Save high cost in ventilation system, compressor room and installation environtment.
  • Out door installation causes no effect to production ambient by: heat exhaust, noise.
  • Remote control function when connect to PC in factory control center.
  • Saving cost for diesel but suitable for being installed on rooftop, under eaves, under stairway or unused space.


máy nén khí di động airman -áy nén khí di động airman -áy nén khí di động airman -

  • It is not only flexibleand effective in supplying compressed air for all construction but also specially useful at Job site without power.
  • Superior specifications and lead compared with other brands
  • Give customer an image as: Savings, efficiency, convenience and durability

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